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Courses in Health and Medicine are offered now online. You can get new knowledge and skills and advance your career without changing your life style, at your own pace.

Health and Medicine courses can help you progress in your career. Browse below for Health and Medicine courses and related Health and Medicine courses. You can also check out our Career Advice Guide and find advice about Health and Medicine online course.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Washington, Johns Hopkins University and Tufts University offer free online Health and Medicine courses.


Health and Medicine Courses:

Health & Wellness

Food, Nutrition and Health

Master's in Clinical Health Services

Molecular Gastronomy: Chemistry and Culinology of Food

Nutrition for Today (NUTR 300)

Sports Nutrition (NUTR 406)


Health Care Administration & Management

Executive Master's in Public Health

Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Healthcare Regulatory Compliance

Master's in Clinical Informatics and Patient-Centered Technologies


Social Work, Behavioral Health & Human Services

Behavior Disorders (PSYCH 205)

Biological Aspects of Aging (UCONJ DL440)



Human Development (PSYCH 206)

Infant Mental Health

Personality and Individual Differences (Introduction) (PSYCH 203)

Psychological Research (Fundamentals) (PSYCH 209)

Psychology (Introduction) (PSYCH 101)

Using Infant Mental Health Approaches in Practice Settings



Massachusetts Institute of Technology :

Projects in Microscale Engineering for the Life Sciences
A Clinical Approach to the Human Brain
Genomics and Computational Biology
Quantitative Physiology: Cells and Tissues
Quantitative Physiology: Organ Transport Systems
Designing and Sustaining Technology Innovation for Global Health Practice
Musculoskeletal Pathophysiology
Principle and Practice of Human Pathology
Human Reproductive Biology
Introduction to Neuroscience
Principles of Pharmacology
Molecular Biology and Genetics in Modern Medicine
Cellular and Molecular Immunology
Survival Skills for Researchers: The Responsible Conduct of Research
Quantitative Genomics
Genomics, Computing, Economics, and Society
Genomic Medicine
Sensory-Neural Systems: Spatial Orientation from End Organs to Behavior and Adaptation
Aerospace Biomedical and Life Support Engineering
Biomaterials-Tissue Interactions
Cell-Matrix Mechanics
Design of Medical Devices and Implants
Tumor Pathophysiology and Transport Phenomena
Principles and Practice of Tissue Engineering
Fields, Forces, and Flows in Biological Systems (BE.430J)
Principles of Radiation Interactions
Noninvasive Imaging in Biology and Medicine
Biomedical Signal and Image Processing
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Data Acquisition and Analysis
Magnetic Resonance Analytic, Biochemical, and Imaging Techniques
Biomedical Engineering Seminar Series: Developing Professional Skills
Biomedical Engineering Seminar Series: Topics in Medical Ethics and Responsible Conduct in Research
Speech Communication
Laboratory on the Physiology, Acoustics, and Perception of Speech
Acoustics of Speech and Hearing
Physiology of the Ear
The Peripheral Auditory System
Brain Mechanisms for Hearing and Speech
Neural Coding and Perception of Sound
Music Perception and Cognition
The Lexicon and Its Features
Molecular Biology for the Auditory System
Modeling Issues in Speech and Hearing
Principles and Practice of Drug Development
Information Technology in the Health Care System of the Future
Seminar on Health Care Systems Innovation
Social Studies of Bioscience and Biotech
Introduction to Global Medicine: Bioscience, Technologies, Disparities, Strategies
Narrative Ethics: Literary Texts and Moral Issues in Medicine
Medical Artificial Intelligence
Computational Evolutionary Biology
Biomedical Computing
Medical Computing
Medical Decision Support (Fall 2005)
Medical Decision Support (Spring 2003)
Computing for Biomedical Scientists
Biomedical Information Technology


Johns Hopkins University: Social and Behavioral Foundations of Primary Health Care



Tufts University: Biology of Water and Health

Tufts University: Geriatric Dentistry

Tufts University: Medicine II

Tufts University: Nutrition and Medicine

Tufts University: Interdisciplinary Approaches to People

Tufts University: Ophthalmology Grand Rounds

Tufts University: Oral Public Health and Community Service Program

Tufts University: Population Health

Tufts University: Preclinical Complete Denture Prosthodontics

Tufts University: Quality Oversight in the Health Care Marketplace

Tufts University: Special Care in Dentistry


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