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Courses in Civil Engineering are offered now online. You can get new knowledge and skills and advance your career without changing your life style, at your own pace.

Civil Engineering courses can help you progress in your career. Browse below for Civil Engineering courses and related Civil Engineering courses. You can also check out our Career Advice Guide and find advice about Civil Engineering online course.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Utah State University and University of Notre Dame offer free online Civil Engineering courses.


Civil Engineering Courses

Introduction to Civil Engineering Design

MIT: Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory

MIT: Advanced Geotechnical Engineering

MIT: Transportation Policy and Environmental Limits

MIT: Advanced Geotechnical Engineering

MIT: Planning for Sustainable Development

MIT: Ecology I: The Earth System

Utah State University: Uncertainty in Engineering Analysis

Utah State University: Fluid Mechanics

Utah State University: Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering

Utah State University: Soil-based Hazardous Waste Management

Stanford University: Design-Construction Integration

Stanford University: Sustainable Design and Construction


From Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

Uncertainty in Engineering
Project Evaluation
Introduction to Civil Engineering Design
Design of Electromechanical Robotic Systems
Computing and Data Analysis for Environmental Applications
Ecology I: The Earth System
Ecology II: Engineering for Sustainability
Mechanics of Material Systems: An Energy Approach
Project Management (Spring 2009)
Project Management (Spring 2004)
Frameworks and Models in Engineering Systems / Engineering System Design
Fundamentals of Energy in Buildings
Engineering Mechanics I
Solid Mechanics
Structural Engineering Design
Dynamics and Control I (Spring 2007)
Dynamics and Control I (Fall 2007)
Dynamics and Vibration (13.013J)
Mechanics and Design of Concrete Structures
Engineering Mechanics II
Transport Processes in the Environment
Chemicals in the Environment: Toxicology and Public Health (BE.104J)
Systems Microbiology
Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering Design I (Fall 2006)
Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering Design I (Fall 2005)
Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory
Solid Mechanics Laboratory
Advanced Soil Mechanics
Foundations of Software Engineering
Pattern Recognition and Analysis
Computational Geometry
Wavelets, Filter Banks and Applications
Masters of Engineering Concepts of Engineering Practice
Wave Propagation
Systems Optimization: Models and Computation (SMA 5223)
Engineering Economy Module
Engineering Systems Analysis for Design
Probability and Statistics in Engineering
Engineering Risk-Benefit Analysis
Transportation Systems Analysis: Demand and Economics
Introduction to Transportation Systems
Computer Algorithms in Systems Engineering
Airline Schedule Planning
An Introduction to Intelligent Transportation Systems
Transportation Systems
Transportation Policy, Strategy, and Management
Carrier Systems
Transportation Flow Systems
Airline Management
Urban Transportation Planning (Fall 2006)
Transportation Policy and Environmental Limits
Public Transportation Systems
Transit Management
Logistics Systems
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Planning
Manufacturing System and Supply Chain Design
Analyzing and Accounting for Regional Economic Growth
Soil Behavior
Waste Containment and Remediation Technology
Advanced Geotechnical Engineering
Strategic Management in the Design and Construction Value Chain
The Impact of Globalization on the Built Environment
E-Commerce and the Internet in Real Estate and Construction
Motion Based Design
Structural Mechanics in Nuclear Power Technology
Structural Analysis and Control
Advanced Fluid Dynamics of the Environment
Nonlinear Dynamics and Waves
Groundwater Hydrology
Chemicals in the Environment: Fate and Transport
Water Resource Systems
Aquatic Chemistry
Water Quality Control
Environmental Engineering Masters of Engineering Project (Fall 2007)
Environmental Engineering Masters of Engineering Project (Fall 2003)
Systems Perspectives on Industrial Ecology
Planning for Sustainable Development
Introduction to Sustainable Energy
Regional Socioeconomic Impact Analyses and Modeling (Fall 2008)
Regional Socioeconomic Impact Analyses and Modeling (Fall 2007)
Water and Wastewater Treatment Engineering
Water and Sanitation Infrastructure in Developing Countries
Environmental Microbiology
A Sustainable Transportation Plan for MIT
Environmental Engineering Applications of Geographic Information Systems
Design for Sustainability
From Nano to Macro: Introduction to Atomistic Modeling Techniques

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