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Courses in Art, History and Humanities are offered now online. You can get new knowledge and skills and advance your career without changing your life style, at your own pace.

Art, History and Humanities courses can help you progress in your career. Browse below for Art, History and Humanities courses and related Art, History and Humanities courses. You can also check out our Career Advice Guide and find advice about Art, History and Humanities online course.

Oxford University, Utah State University, University of Notre Dame, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of New South Wales offer free online Art, History and Humanities courses.


Art, History, and the Humanities


Tufts University: Producing Films for Social Change

Utah State University:
English 1010

Utah State University:
History of Utah

Utah State University:
Understanding Theatre

Washington University:
History of Jazz: New Orleans


MIT: Art Since 1940


Aesthetics & the Philosophy of Art :  iTunes  Web  James Grant, Oxford University


Exposing Digital Photography : iTunes Video  Web Site  RSS Feed   Dan Armendariz, Harvard


Foundations of American Cyber-Culture : YouTube  UC Berkeley


Introduction to Visual Studies :  iTunes   Anna Divinsky, Penn State


Introduction to Visual Thinking :  YouTube  iTunes Video  John McNamara, UC Berkeley


Let This Be a Lesson: Heroes, Heroines & Narrative in Paintings at Yale :  YouTube  John Walsh, Yale


Lighting Essentials : iTunes Video Web  Simon McIntyre, The University of New South Wales


Photography : Web  iTunes  App  Jonathan Worth & Matt Johnston at Coventry University


SmARThistory Video Lectures : Web  Beth Harris, MoMA & Steven Zucker, Pratt Institute


The Elements of Drawing : iTunes  Web  Stephen Farthing, Oxford University.


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