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Courses in Anthropology are offered now online. You can get new knowledge and skills and advance your career without changing your life style, at your own pace.

Anthropology courses can help you progress in your career. Browse below for Anthropology courses and related Anthropology courses. You can also check out our Career Advice Guide and find advice about Anthropology online course.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Utah State University and University of Notre Dame offer free online Anthropology courses.


Free Anthropology Courses


Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

Introduction to Anthropology
How Culture Works
Anthropological Theory
Seminar in Ethnography and Fieldwork
The Supernatural in Music, Literature and Culture
Black Matters: Introduction to Black Studies
Japanese Literature and Cinema
Magic, Witchcraft, and the Spirit World
Myth, Ritual, and Symbolism
Disease and Health: Culture, Society, and Ethics
Anthropology of War and Peace
Identity and Difference
Law and Society
Introduction to Latin American Studies (Fall 2005)
Violence, Human Rights, and Justice
Ethnic and National Identity
The Contemporary American Family
Gender, Sexuality, and Society
Rethinking the Family, Sex, and Gender
American Dream: Exploring Class in the U.S.
Race and Science
Power: Interpersonal, Organizational and Global Dimensions
Culture, Embodiment and the Senses
Food and Culture
Anthropology Through Speculative Fiction
Anthropology of Biology
Marketing, Microchips and McDonalds: Debating Globalization
Documenting Culture
Gender, Power, and International Development
Technology and Culture
Energy Decisions, Markets, and Policies
Environmental Struggles
Drugs, Politics, and Culture
Photography and Truth
Cultures of Computing
The Anthropology of Sound
People and Other Animals (Fall 2013)
Introduction to Latin American Studies (Fall 2006)
The Conquest of America
Anthropology of the Middle East
Medicine, Religion and Politics in Africa and the African Diaspora
What is Capitalism?
Gender and Representation of Asian Women
DV Lab: Documenting Science Through Video and New Media
Cross-Cultural Investigations: Technology and Development (Fall 2012)
People and Other Animals (Fall 2013)
Social Theory and Analysis
Cross-Cultural Investigations: Technology and Development (Fall 2012)
The Anthropology of Cyber cultures


Open University: Understanding Media: The Celebrity in the Text


Utah State University: Cultural Anthropology Class


Utah State University: Anthropology of Religion


Free Anthropology Courses In iTunes Store


Introduction to Cultural and Social Anthropology:  This lecture is a great introduction to the fundamentals of cultural and social anthropology.

Theories in Anthropology:  Learn some of the basic underlying theories that support anthropological work in this lecture.

Medical Anthropology:  Take a look at some basic medical anthropology in this lecture.

Cultural Change:  Through this lecture you can gain a better understanding of how cultures change over time.

Family, Residence and Kinship:  Here, you’ll find helpful information on some of the basics of cultural and social anthropology focusing on the family and relationships.

Applied Anthropology:  Once you’ve learned the theories of anthropology you might be wondering how it can be applied to real life. This lecture will show you.

Studying the Human Condition:  This lecture discusses the basics of being human.


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