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Online Colleges and Universities with Doctoral Degree Programs

Doctoral degrees are the highest level of education available in the United States. With a doctorate degree, you can look forward to the highest possible salaries and the most job opportunities. So if you have the determination and the drive to earn your doctoral degree, you can join the ranks of the top 2% of Americans in terms of education.


Benefits of a Doctoral Degree

A doctoral degree is by no means a simple thing to get. But if you have the four to eight years to put towards high-level classes, in-depth research, and a dissertation or doctoral project, you can earn one of the most prestigious degrees awarded in America. People with doctoral degrees earned about $1,532 per week in 2011. That's even more than people with professional degrees like medical degrees and law degrees. People with doctoral degrees also enjoyed an extremely low unemployment rate of just 2.5% in 2009. Compare that to the unemployment rate of people with a high school diploma: 9.7%. The simple fact of the matter is that people with doctoral degrees have proven their dedication to their field of study and their extensive knowledge of that field. Therefore, people who hold doctorates are extremely employable and very well-paid.


Types of Doctoral Degrees

You can earn a doctorate degree in virtually any field of study. Doctorates, like master's degrees, are highly specialized. Usually when you complete your doctorate degree you will focus on a highly specialized area of research within your chosen field of study. Thus, there's really no such thing as a common doctoral degree. That said, some of the most common fields to focus a doctoral degree within include biological sciences, psychology, social sciences, education research, and electrical engineering. These areas of study are common because many professions in these fields require a doctorate degree. For example, you can't become a psychologist without your PhD in Psychology.

How to Earn a Doctorate

Doctorate degrees typically take between four and eight years to earn. Before you can earn a doctorate degree, you need to have a bachelor's degree and a master's. It helps to have your undergraduate and graduate degrees in the same field as your doctoral program, but this isn't always necessary. Some doctoral programs include a master's program within them so you can earn both degrees simultaneously. Doctoral degrees are only offered through graduate universities and colleges. A number of doctorate programs are available through such institutions over the internet. Such programs give students a great deal of flexibility so they can earn their doctorate while working. They also allow students to take as much time as they need to complete their doctorate program.


Most Popular Doctorates to Earn Online

A number of doctoral degrees can be earned online. In recent years, these five have been the most popular:

Education – a PhD in Education can be a great asset to school administrators at every level. People interested in becoming professors of education are also required to have a PhD in Education. Doctoral students in this field can focus on special education, primary education, secondary education, or a number of other fields.

Business Administration - a Doctor of Business Administration has a hefty advantage over other business men and women. Entrepreneurs and business executives in particular can benefit greatly from this prestigious degree.

Computer Science/Information Technology - in our increasingly technical world, having a doctorate in information technology can be an extremely lucrative choice that will open up a number of career opportunities.

Healthcare Administration - the shortcomings of our healthcare system call for bright minds to look for solutions to the problems. As a Doctor of Health Administration you can help manage and improve every aspect of a health care facility or program including finance, business, patient care, and facility maintenance.

Public Safety/Criminal Justice - People who earn their doctorate in criminal justice or public safety can pursue high level jobs in public policy, community development, research, education, law enforcement, and consulting.


Highest Paying Doctorates to Earn Online

Any doctoral degree can lead to a high paying career. The following are five PhDs that can be earned online and lead to the highest paying careers. With one of these doctorates you can look forward to wages upwards of $100,000 each year.

  • Physics
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Engineering

Each of these PhD programs has a number of focuses within them, so when you pursue one of these degrees you'll have a wide range of career paths opened to you.


Below is a list of colleges and universities now offering doctoral degrees online.



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